You all are amazing, inspiring rock stars that deserve arenas full of accolades and groupies. Short of being able to provide that, the Brigade Recognition team has been looking for a way to honor your work.

When developing a recognition program, we had two objectives. First, to recognize a variety of work happening across the network. Second, to facilitate Brigades being a resource for each other. To achieve these, we created a eleven different recognitions, with room to grow. We also believe that by making this list public (find it here). Brigades can look to see who has done work in an area that they may be interesting in starting.

Additionally, we also have two shared beliefs: Brigades are not in competition with each other and activities should not be standardized. We come in all shapes and sizes with different goals and community needs. Not all Brigades are going to have every recognition, nor should that be a goal.

All recognition is self-nominated and mostly on the honor system. The nomination form does ask for supporting documentation; however an example of a partnership would also work. Right now, we are planning to manually look at nominations once a month but plan to automate the process in the future.

Nominate Your Brigade for Brigade Recognition Here!

The Current Categories of Recognition:

Events and gatherings are at the heart of building a community. To recognize the fantastic work done in this area, we'd like to acknowledge some shared network-wide events. Thank you for your continued work!

Partnerships and relationship building is at the core of our values. It takes time, thoughtfulness and work to forge those relationships and especially to maintain them.

Our connection to each other is our superpower. Sharing and learning from one another is what moves this movement forward. Because of that, we'd like to recognize just a couple of the activities that help boost our combined strength.